Music & Talk Shows – Spring 2021


12pm - 2pm: Mister E Hour - Music
2pm - 4pm: Country Cruising – Country


8pm - 10pm: AJ in the Evening - Variety Music


12pm - 1pm: Everyday El Dorado - Talk
2pm - 3pm: Open Door Policy - Talk


10am - 12pm: That 70’s Music Show - Classic Hits
12pm - 2pm: The Void – Rock/Pop
2pm - 4pm: Dropped Inputs - Talk
4pm - 6pm: Aleister’s Doomyard – Music


12pm - 2pm: The Radio Show – Variety Rock
2pm - 4pm: The Entertainment Center – Movie/TV/Game Music

Our On-Air Personalities

KBTL personalities are a major part of what makes college radio a special experience. Here are the students behind the voices of your favorite programs.

Host: Mr. Ashcraft
Show: Dropped Inputs
Joined: Fall 2018
Format: Talk
Host: Ms. Bonn
Show: Everyday El Dorado
Joined: Fall 2019
Format: Talk
Host: Mr. Buss (Aleister)
Show: Aleister's Doomyard
Joined: Fall 2019
Format: Music
Host: Mr. H Cole (Hank The Time Traveler)
Show: The Void/Open Door Policy
Joined: Spring 2020
Format: Rock/Pop - Talk
Host: Mr. R Cole (R Cole)
Show: That 70's Music Show
Joined: Spring 2020
Format: Classic Hits
Host: Mr. Jones (AJ)
Show: AJ in the Evening
Joined: Fall 2020
Format: Variety Music
Host: Mr. Lowery (Big Mike)
Show: Open Door Policy
Joined: Spring 2021
Format: Talk
Host: Mr. Martin (Atomic)
Show: The Entertainment Center
Joined: Fall 2020
Format: Movie/TV/Game Music
Host: Mr. Sutter (Draven)
Show: The Radio Show
Joined: Fall 2019
Format: Variety Rock
Host: Mr. White (Mister E)
Show: Mister E Hour
Joined: Spring 2019
Format: Music
Host: Mr. Wiley (Wild Wiley)
Show: Country Cruising/Open Door Policy
Joined: Fall 2020
Format: Country - Talk