Music & Talk Shows – Spring 2024

Wednesday Thursday Friday


11am & 5pm: Metal Mondays – Rock/Metal Headlines
12noon: Midday Mix – Rhythm & Blues
6pm: Outspoken – Current Events Talk


10am: Flick of the Week – Movie/Drama Talk
12noon: Soultown – Soul/Funk/Motown


10am: The Gossip Guru Show – Life Talk
11am: Local Podcasts and Syndicated Shows – Talk/Community Events/Music


10am: The Limestone Shoebox – Variety
12noon: The Time Warp – Eclectic
6pm: The Grunge Pit – Grunge/Alternative Rock


12noon: Fanatics Friday – Sports Recap Talk
6pm: 80’s Rewind Show – 80’s Pop/Rock

Our On-Air Personalities

KBTL personalities are a major part of what makes college radio a special experience. Here are the students behind the voices of your favorite programs.

Host: Mr Bethely (DJ Antonio)
Show: 80's Rewind Show
Joined: Fall 2022
Format: 80s Rock/Pop Music
Host: Mr Fee (DJ Fuzzy)
Show: The Time Warp
Joined: Fall 2022
Format: Eclectic Music
Host: Ms Hargrove (DJ Tess)
Show: The Grunge Pit
Joined: Fall 2023
Format: 60s Rock
Host: Mr Salmans (DJ Soulman)
Show: Flick of the Week & Soultown
Joined: Spring 2024
Format: Talk & Soul/Funk/Motown Music
Host: Mr Waddell (DJ Hap)
Show: The Limestone
Joined: Spring 2024
Format: Variety
Host: Mr Warner
Show: Metal Monday & Fanatics Friday
Joined: Spring 2024
Format: Rock/Metal Headline Talk & Sports Recap Talk
Host: Mr White
Show: Outspoken
Joined: Fall 2022
Format: Current Events Talk
Host: Ms Wolf (DJ Lanie)
Show: The Gossip Guru Show
Joined: Fall 2022
Format: Life Talk
Host: Mr White
Show: Outspoken
Joined: Spring 2024
Format: Current Events Talk