Station Events


Dorm Move-In Day (August)
KBTL staff always lend a hand to incoming students moving into dorms at the El Dorado campus. Tunes, bottled water and strong backs are yours for the asking. You might win a station t-shirt or something even better: a guest DJ appearance on the station!



International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th – Every Year)
KBTL has celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day since 2012 on the El Dorado campus. We help students translate their homework into Pirate, give away pirate-themed “swag” and recently sponsored a Pirate Parrot look-alike contest!



World College Radio Day (October)
KBTL was the first radio station in Kansas to be part of this annual celebration of everything that makes college radio a special experience. In 2019, we broadcast live for 24 hours, complete with special editions of our regular programs including “Open Egg Policy” live from Jimmy’s Egg in El Dorado.



Octoberfeast (October)
Originally Halloweenie Roast, Octoberfeast is one of the station’s longest-running special events. Station personalities give away free hot dogs/brats along with station-branded swag and great tunes. Be sure to look for Mr. Weenie and the Condiment Twins!



Celebration of Freedom Parade (November)
Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade (December)
In connection with BCTV20, radio personalities from 88.1 The Grizz serve as commentators for many of the local parades in El Dorado. Videotaped for delayed broadcast, they can be seen on the sidewalks giving participants and spectators their "15 minutes of fame."



Fall Freeze Out (November)
Helping student “decompress” before Finals, we hold a dance/event at the end of each semester. Winter-themed contests, giveaways, party pics and costumes make test prep a fun time to be at Butler. Don’t forget your parkas and glow-in-the-dark wristbands!



Holiday Hosts (December)
Twelve hours of holiday music and original programming, live from the station. Premiered in 2019, we hope to expand talk shows to venues and campuses outside BOE.



National Popcorn Day (January)
A celebration of a truly American snack, KBTL starts the Spring Semester with a "bang" as Peter Popcorn or his sister Polly Popcorn give away treats and toys, conduct popcorn trivia contests, and generally have fun.



National Snack Day (March)
KBTL personnel believe snacks are their own food group and deserve their own special day. Backed by snack-related music, this remote event features unusual snack choices, snack toys, snack games and the whole snack culture!



Vinylthon (April)
From the same organization that sponsors World College Radio Day comes Vinylthon. Small stations (including KBTL) pledge to play at least 1 hour of music recorded on “the black stuff.” We bring out the turntables and fill the entire day with 33s, 45s and even 78s. Look for the Golden Slipmat on our award wall when you visit the station.



Grizzly Give-Back Day (Spring Semester)
While various campus groups provide workers for community non-profit organizations (e.g. Habitat For Humanity, low-cost housing complexes, food banks), KBTL sends reporters for live reports from the fields, broadcasts custom music programming for these projects, and provides staff to help where needed.



Spring Luau (April)
Helping student “decompress” before Finals, we hold a dance/event at the end of each semester. A limbo contest, giveaways and party pics make test prep a fun time to be at Butler. Don’t forget your glow-in-the-dark wristbands and your grass skirts!



Student Production Contests (Spring Semester)
Since 1999, Butler students have submitted radio and television projects in the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Production Contest, competing against undergraduates and interns from all 2-year colleges and 4-year universities in the state. As of 2021, Butler has received 277 KAB awards, more than any 2-year and often more than most 4-year programs. Since 2015, Butler has also been a part of world-wide contests sponsored by College Broadcasting Inc. and the College Media Association.